Display of goods and effective placement of products

Yohananof & sons, a family-owned store chain founded in 1992, traded at the TLV stock exchange since 2019







Supply chain

60K orders monthly
Processing over 3.5M decisions monthly

$ saving

From 17 to 7 inventory days.
Cut food waste -33%

Product availability

Reduce OOS -35%
Sales improvement +2%

Proud to share

Owner & CEO Yohananof

Eitan Yohananof

Technology is a main tool for smart retail management and effective customer experience. Algoretail’s system brought homogenous visibility to our stores and increased product availability on our shelves, in parallel to reducing inventory value & food waste – crucial retail challenges to keep profitability rate at its best.

The key to retail success

Yohananof is a family-owned business, the 3rd grocery chain in Israel, with a steep positive growth graph. Business activity counted 20 branches in 2019, today they own 42 supermarkets and hypermarkets, with a growth goal of 60 branches by 2025.

Algoretail has implemented the sales floor 360° solution including; Automated Orders, Dynamic Planograms, and Shelf Replenishment app, closing the full product journey within each and every store, from procurement to the end consumer’s shopping basket.

At Yohannanof, all levels of employees use Algoretail’s app to follow their everyday tasks and work advancement. Layouts that are handled through the shelf replenishment app have significantly increased their product availability, also by following the system decision making for “place holder” products and best sellers’ ratio.

Algoretail’s app speaks to every employee in their preferred language, showing only relevant information, from simple sales floor tasks to the c-level management dashboards and financial performance.