Control your products, Increase profitability

Algoretail manages the entire product journey, from sourcing to selling, reducing food waste and in-store processes, Increasing OSA and profitable growth.


Control product input at any time, on any device, follow supplier behavior and counteract unnecessary product push.

Benefit: Continuous inventory management.


A powerful AI-powered/ML solution constantly analyzing sales data, generating unique customers profile and accurate sales forecast.

Benefit: Higher sales, less depreciation.

Automated Orders

Automated orders ensuring exceptional accurate inventory based on trends, special events, seasonality, and « best to date » fresh products, in accordance with demand forecast.

Benefit: Data driven decisions.


Control products entry at all times, on any device, follow up suppliers’ behavior and fight unnecessary product push.

Benefit: Ongoing inventory management.

Product Picking

Pick up products through the shelf management app based on priority, location/multi-location, special promotions, and stock availability.

Benefit: Increase customers’ satisfaction.





Anytime. Anywhere. On Any Device.

No more orders based on a hunch – we prepare them for you on a daily basis. Our system directly communicate with your business partners in an automated or semi-automated fashion. You decide ! We empower every store manager to decide how to handle his business, by highlighting the day special products, promotions, poor sales products, and catalogue updates.

Imagine having a dedicated personal advisor for your employees preparing their daily tasks and monitoring their work progress. No more wandering around the aisles looking for missing products and shelf anomalies – receive all work duties through a smart notification system on any device, at any time, in a clear and user-friendly manner.

Scale up profitability and overall performance by better managing On-Shelf-Availability and product offer. Knock off inventory stockouts and costs, cut down depreciation, and prioritize shelf replenishment according to bestselling products and related availability.

C- Store

C- Store

C-stores has a unique business model including a careful mix of products optimizing quick shopping and impulsive buying, hot food and beverage, ATM, game tickets & lottery services, all handled by a single or few employees. Fast registration of supplied goods and inventory follow up is of great importance, all solved and supported by Algoretail.



Drugstores handle a large array of products such as pharmaceutical, healthcare, personal & beauty care, grocery items and more. It also provides numerous services. Efficient management and inventory level are crucial due to a wide range of products with critical expiration dates, multiple suppliers, in similarity to reduction of labor costs due to specialized costly employees.



Automation enable grocery stores owners to focus on their business while automated systems handle their routine tasks. Algoretail offers among other automated processes: personalization of store variety, signing potential theft products, prevention of sales loss, planogram substitute products, multi-location compliance, reporting, monitoring, providing better visibility and control over in-store processes.



Demand forecast is the holly grail of the Distribution Center digital transformation, supported by data analytics and cloud based WMS. Algoretail is the ideal digital platform to automate the entire supply chain process and provide real time tracking on inventory and overall item movements along with accurate sales forecast from a large number of branches.

On-Shelf-Availability is what retail is all about.