Enhance On-Shelf-Availability with hands-on Product Journey & In-Store Operations

We specialize in helping retailers and employees minimize workload and maximize profitable growth by streamlining in-store processes and tasks.

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Our expertise lies in managing On-Shelf-Availability

By creating automated orders from suppliers, managing in-store operations, and generating products’ analysis, tailored to each store unique customer profile.

Why Algoretail

Algoretail is born on the retail floor, under retail values, with a customer-first mindset to enhance profitability and end-consumer satisfaction with dedication & simplicity.

We developed an AI-powered all-in-one platform that helps retailers break the earning ceiling through the retail floor by perfecting the supply chain process and product journey management, while reducing workload costs and in-store labor, ultimately resulting in profitable growth.

A three pillar platform including;

  • Unique shelf replenishment app allowing all levels employees to handle a precise inventory and shelf products’ availability in the palm of their hands 
  • Automatic orders interface based on delivery dates, customer profile & data driven sales forecast 
  • Dynamic planogram & Realogram working tool, ensuring best planogram compliance to the trade division decision making along with each branch unique customer profile.

We do it with No Hardware! - Only Software, so we implement it quickly and easily!

Smart retail, Seamless management

No more overstock, out-of-stock, or shortage.

Food Waste reduction.

Substantial results from day #1.

Optimal fresh goods management by “best before” dates.

Dynamic planogram, constantly updated to the customer unique profile .

Optimize Retail,
Increase Growth

Automatically create orders based on delivery patterns and sales data, adjusting the product offer and inventory level, but not only. You can also manage from any device, anytime: receiving, returning, transferring, destruction of merchandise, and follow your inventory worth by units and/or money worth in real-time.

Break down your everyday work missions into explicit & simple assignments, from ordering the goods through managing On-Shelf-Availability and on to monitoring employee’s efficiency.

A powerful solution that minimize food waste by complying inventory level for each product, at each store, in an individual fashion. Last but definitely not least – our system distinguish shrinkage from depreciation to prevent inaccurate reordering, ensuring a more sustainable future.

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