Maadanei Gourmet

Efficiency equals business growth

Maadanei Gourmet, an old-school butcher chain store handling and selling fresh meat, poultry & fish, becoming a market leader in Israel







Business growth

From 50 to 140 branches in 4 years

$ saving

Cut food waste -20%
Cut costly delivery rounds -5%

Product availability

Product availability is high and stable at all times and seasons

Proud to share

Owner & CEO Maadanei Gourmet

Haim Ezer

Algoretail is our success partner that transformed PROFESSIONALISM into REALITY, with no labor growth – on the contrary. Today all our supply chain is handled automatically through Algoretail, freeing our time as entrepreneurs to focus on business growth.

Why expertise is the N. 1 skill when running a fresh meat, poultry & fish bussiness

Founded in 1972, this family owned business was rebranded as “Maadanei Gourmet” in 2001 (Gourmet Delicacies) with a great vision to become market leader.

Running a fresh meat butcher business has its fair share of challenges like regulation, cost of goods, quality control, seasonal demand, health & safety. Two critical KPIs to care for are supply chain management and waste management. Business growth seemed like a real challenge as the Distribution Center was supplied from multiple locations and had to receive all orders by 11am to assure full delivery, in time, and within the correct amount needed to avoid waste; e.g. poultry needs to be released for delivery within 90 minutes or go through an immediate freezing process. Wrong sales forecast directly results in food waste.

In 2018, with only 50 branches, the company was facing delivery challenges caused by late orders, manually made by no less than 5 dedicated employees.

This same year, Maadanei Gourmet has decided to embrace technology for their inventory management, online ordering and customer engagement by trusting Algoretail’s vision.

Algoretail developed special features to fit the industry, and rolled-out the same year for all 50 branches. Today, Maadanei Gourmet counts 140 branches, orders from suppliers are handled by only 2 employees, all registered by 11am, resulting minimized delivery rounds and CO2 emissions, increase in product availability, and a significant cut down in food waste & depreciation.