Tiv Taam

Accurate inventory management enables omnichannel selling

Tiv Taam is one of Israel’s largest food companies, traded at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE)






Food Plants

Automated Orders

Orders are done in 2 hours vs. 6 hours before Algoretail

Inventory Management

Inventory accuracy achieved 95%

Customer Satisfaction

Product availability is high and accurate across all sales channels

Proud to share

Inventory Planner, Former Branch Manager

Alexey Spitsin

As a branch manager of one of our premium locations, the system allowed me to have hands on the inventory and orders process with ease. Over-stock products decreased significantly, OSA increased together with sales. Placing orders today became an easy and fast process with real added value: the system highlighted products that should enter the branch variety, which boosted sales in a continuous and improving manner.

Real time accurate inventory - the core of retail business

Tiv Taam Holdings operates in three main areas: retail, production and import/export of food products. The holding group engages in manufacturing, import, marketing and sales of a wide range of products, such as fresh and processed meats, fresh and frozen fish, sea food, wine, alcoholic beverages, and cheese. It is also a major supplier in the hospitality and dining fields, providing fresh, chilled and frozen goods to over 3,000 clients.

Among other strategies, the group maximizes its economic power by forming a synergy between every link in the chain of companies and leading strategic collaboration among the member companies (production, imports, wholesale marketing and retail), ensuring stable revenue cycles over the long term and leveraging management capabilities and capital towards future growth.

One of its sales synergy strategies is to transfer product picking from the DC to one or several physical stores, in favor of online shopping. This created a great challenge with inventory management within Tiv Taam’s brick-n-mortar stores, as well as product availability issues via 3rd party sales channels. Inventory accuracy became a crucial factor for managing a healthy business, without forgetting the supply chain starting point – ordering the right amount of goods in compliance with sales forecast, locally & from abroad.

Algoretail implemented the Automated Orders module considering Tiv Taam’s sales forecast of online channels, both internally and via 3rd parties. It only takes a few minutes to active/non-active available products for sale from the moment they are received and/or sold through the POS. We also created a special feature for small urban branches, enabling an automatic dissembling of product pallets for several branches (in a similar manner to product dissembling for individual units), in favor of an accurate inventory.